About us

GLI Consulting

GLI is the combination of four already successful businesses to form a one-stop shop for business growth.

Each of the four principals was already successful in their own field and business. However, all their work was concentrated on just their own aspect of a particular project. They realised that they could offer a complete service to business owners wishing to build a stronger business by combining their skills and experience.

Kartik Daswani’s substantial business development and change management skills are essential in giving a business a clear direction. Once a business has a strong plan to follow everything becomes more manageable.

A business has to be aware of the risk it is likely to encounter both within its own operations and in the wider marketpace and pan accordingly. This is especially important when submitting plans and applications for funding or other support in the wider business world and for the business to demonstrate it is thinking ahead. George Lennox is a global expert in this field and can help your business both with guidance and support with actual plan creation.

It’s also necessary to look after the staff and management through these troubled times and make sure that they’re in a mentally good place to contribute at their best and help the business performance. That’s where Jillian Haslam’s resilience program makes sound business sense.

Finally, when everyone is ready to perform and knows what they’re doing, you also have to tell the rest of the world so that they understand what you can offer and why they should use your services. Bob Ferguson’s expertise in crafting messages is essential, particularly to deliver in one of the myriads of opportunities that exist to speak at events these days.

Each programme is tailored using just the necessary parts from the existing successful individual programs so that you end up with a bespoke solution that deals with exactly your challenges and needs.

When the four elements are put together, it helps create a focused, high functioning, and successful business.

Each of the four principals has their own programme for any individual or company that wants to focus on one particular area. If the business need is there, these three programs can be customised and integrated to be delivered as a single programme that develops the skills required in the business, whilst combining them with the organisation’s existing strengths and talent.

Benefits of Individual Programmes

Bounce Back and Growth Strategies
  • Find options to succeed post pandemic
  • Rank order based on cost and revenue
  • Launch and correct to build growth
Corporate Communication
  • Find options to succeed post pandemic
  • Rank order based on cost and revenue
  • Launch and correct to build growth
  • Compelling communication
  • Client attraction
  • Clear understanding of business.
Business Planning and Raising Finance
  • Clear roadmap for next steps for the business
  • Risks identified and managed
  • Plans translated into application for support in a professional way