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Business Services Bounce back and Growth Strategies

A business’s growth is only as good as its long term planning and resilience.

Led by Kartik Daswani, GLI’s Bounce back and Growth Programme will provide a master plan for your business to grow and survive. It will deliver a clear set of short term and long term objectives that ensure you stay on track to build a strong business.

It will also build in a series of safeguards to help you prepare and survive through future business downturns. Your business resilience is probably the single biggest indicator of long term success.

Corporate Communications Programme

One thing’s for sure: If people can’t find you, your business will struggle. Bob’s communication will help you raise your profile and attract potential clients.

Speaking to an audience is one of the quickest ways to deliver your business message while building trust and rapport with new contacts.

Understanding how to structure your messages, craft compelling content, and deliver with clarity and impact will attract new business and establish your authority as an expert.

Resilience & Motivation Programme

As well as building corporate resilience it’s important for individuals in the organisation to be personally resilience.

Downturns in trading and the economy take a huge toll on the mental well-being of staff and owners. Not only is this bad for the individual but equally bad for business performances.

Jillian’s programme builds the tough mentality that helps people cope with adversity, maintain high-performance levels and come out the other side as stronger people.

In these times when mental well-being at work is a major focus personal resilience is a key element of business success.

Risk, Business Planning and Finance

Even in situations where a business understands its strategy and goals, structuring this future state vision into a detailed plan or a road map can be a daunting task, if you have not had experience of creating these type of these types of detailed plans.

Further turning this plan into an application for financial or other available support is a skill that requires experience and an understanding of what the support organisation is seeking to establish.

George specialises in helping businesses and producing a risk managed and effective way forward and has many years’ experience in doing this for global organisations across the world.