How GLI can help small businesses punch above their weight

June 24, 2019

In many areas of life, size does matter. Business is no different. Larger companies corner a bigger share of the market and have the ability to do things better, faster and more economically. Another inherent advantage that many larger businesses have, is that they have the luxury of specialisation. They are able to bring to bear the skills and experience of specialists in key functional areas that allow them to move with greater certainty speed and finesse.

Historically small businesses have tried to address this challenge in one of three ways – trying to do it themselves, going out to the contractor or jobbers market seeking the required expertise or looking for a management consultant to come in to help.

Unfortunately, these methods very rarely deliver the outcome the business was looking for. Undertaking the task, however enthusiastically, away from your area of core competence will at best deliver results of an enthusiastic amateur rather than the professional quality output your business needs. Hiring a jobber or a short-term contractor is like buying a ticket to the lottery – you never know what you are going to get and at what quality although typically you end up getting and output that is unlikely to be fit for purpose. A management consultant we give you lots of shiny presentations packed full of data and may even tell you what to do at a high level, but we’ll ask you to roll up your sleeves how to do it by yourself. Also, this is typically a very high-cost option that few businesses can afford.

Given this menu of sub optimal choices, many businesses end up frustrated and out of pocket without getting the business outcomes there looking for. They end up by default going through a long and expensive rude of trial and error and for many of them this can sometimes be a terminal issue which results in the business folding up. Having availability of functional expertise is even more important for business that is just starting up . As they say well begun is half done but many businesses stumble at the first hurdle and often failed to recover.

At GLI consultants, we’ve observed this trend and feel that there is a solution that can be offered to small businesses to allow them to access this skill they need to compete with the larger firms. The answer lies in letting the core team of the small business focused on their core competency- this is typically around the basic idea or the opportunity they have found and have the skills and expertise to take this forward.

In order to address, key functional requirements that a business needs to supplement this core activity GLI consultants have pulled together a strong team of business experts with many years’ experience behind them that looked to help small businesses grow at pace and take the right decisions both at start-up and on an ongoing basis.

Our expertise addresses the four foundational pillars every business needs to support its core activity. We offer help support and insight in the following four areas:

  • business strategy, operating model and operational set up
  • setting up of basic infrastructure including business planning marketing strategy financial infrastructure and digital and web presence
  • keeping both your business and people resilient and motivated and ensuring you get your communication both internal and external efficient effective and tell her to purpose.

What makes us unique and different from the offerings that exists in the marketplace today are three things namely:

  • we don’t just talk to you about theories and what your business needs to do we actually sit down with you roll up our sleeves and partner with you on the how to do it until the service required is complete or you have picked up the necessary skill to do it yourselves going forward.
  • We bring to bear our many many years of experience in these fields at a much more economical cost to the business when compared to management consultants who may bring comparable levels of expertise to the table.
  • We let you try before you buy so all of our services have a free initial consultation where you can discuss your problem understand after high level what solution we will propose what value we could add and how we could help take your business forward before you commit to working with us and paying for our services the initial conversation is on a no obligation no cost basis for you to see what you can get and how that would help your business.

If this sounds interesting please go to our website to find out more about our services and our team of experts and feel free to book in and no obligation no free initial consultation to see how he could help take your business forward.

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